‘Ey up mi DUCK’ Festival

Where to start…this grass roots little festival just keeps getting better and better. born out of a love of music and the kindness of a giving heart, organisers suzy, bryan, paige and ebony seabridge put together this beauty of an event which has got to be one of the best weekends of the year.
A complete pain in the arse was the few days leading up to the gig as i pulled my back with a suspected slipped disc and plenty of pain to go with it…as is the caring nature of Suzy she was very sympathetic and made sure a bar stool was on hand for me to use. As it was Noahs’s first birthday on the saturday i didn’t arrive until sunday which was a shame to miss the acts but a great family day was had and memories were made
I was greeted with the usual wit of bryan telling me my slot had been filled haha…a quick hello was followed by a speedy tent set up so me and keaton could be ready to watch some kick ass music..I was lucky enough to catch doozer, star botherers (whose song when dave is dead, had me in stitches), sons of clogger, funke and then gaz brookfield.
this small capacity festival is one of my favourites to play…not only is it nice to be amongst such good friends but the general feel to the place is like home from home. a non-profit festival with all profit going to meningitis now
a massive heartfelt thanks to suzy and the team…please may i always come back year after year..this is exactly the type of festival we need…friendly, fun and great music
m x